The main judging criteria utilized in any major competition are as follows:
1) Design
2) Engineering
3) Degree of Difficulty
4) Number of Modifications
5) Fit and Finish

The Design and Engineering of “TIMELESS” strives to incorporate an extraordinary number of innovations, but yet be very subtle.  The longer you look at the car, the more of these Features, Modifications and One-Off Pieces should become apparent to you.  To assist your appreciation of this incredible piece of Automotive Art, we list a few of the Modifications.

1) The car is for all intent and purposes, completely and totally hand crafted and hand built. Every body panel has been scratch made of hand modified in some fashion.
2) The frame overall has been extended 6” and the frame rails have been boxed from front to back. The front of the frame rails have been shortened 6” as well.  The rear frame rails have been shortened behind the rear end mount.
3) The front suspension is a completely one-off, Floating Independent Suspension which is designed to remind the viewer of the old dropped I-Front Suspension.

FRAME AND SUSPENSION   Front frame rails shortened 6 inches.  The brake calipers have been rotated forward and up 2” to improve front end symmetry.  Handmade radiused front fenders.  The car incorporates 6 piston polished calipers in the front with the “TIMELESS”  Logo CNC machined in each caliper.  A one-off tie-rod cover has been machined to cover the bottom of the grease fittings.  The Rack and Pinion has been designed inboard of the frame.  Frame is modified to have the Rack & Pinion exit through the center of each frame rail.  The steering arms are a CNC’D one-off design.  There are chrome sleeves on the Rack and Pinion.  The entire front end, including the arms, hub assembly, rotors, calipers, steering  components and coil-covers are all show plated by Advanced Plating, Nashville, Tn.  New control arms CNC’d out of 10 x 16 x 2” thick material shaped in the form of an hourglass.  One-off rear end.  Rotor is counter sunk into the trailing arm and not visible under the lower control arm.  Shocks countersunk into the control arm and not visible from under the car.  Custom hub assembly machined into control arm allowing flow of the entire assembly.  All bolts are countersunk with radiused one-off matching caps.  The center pumpkin is machined with 3 bars embracing the “TIMELESS” Logo.  One-off CNC half shafts in the shape of an hourglass.  One-off CNC trailing arms with an hourglass look.  One-off pumpkin support to match the transmission mount.  No visible nuts or bolts.  Machined radiused caps over all nuts and bolts .   One-off yoke and caps.  All parts, including gear assemblies and coil-covers are show chrome plated by  Advanced Plating of Nashville, Tn.  One-off drive shaft.  All U-joints are chromed.  Modified front frame in the engine compartment.  A tube has been fabricated to enclose the driver’s side of the frame to house  the steering components so they are not visible from the engine compartment.  A matching tube has been fabricated on the passenger side for brake lines and wiring.  Motor mounts are tied into the frame tubes.  There is a Rack and Pinion compartment and all of the tubes actually flow into the body.  A 16” One-Off Steer Clear has been mounted in the firewall which enables the steering to  run from the Steer Clear inside the fabricated tube to the Rack and Pinion which is all  concealed.  All motor mounts are machined in the shape of an hourglass.  One-off radiator mounts.  

BODY   One-off “Unibody” Construction.  Body designed to flow front to rear with no breaks in the flow.  3/16” steel is attached to the frame as well as to the body to provide additional strength. The body is welded and smoothed to the frame.  One-off transmission mounts and transmission tunnel.  Hand fabricated body panels.  One piece handmade running boards.  Shortened handmade  rear fenders by 12”.   Widened handmade rear fenders by 1 ½”.  The body flows from front to back with no breaks in the flow.  The grill shell is extended 5”, laid back 2”, and dropped 1 ½”.  A one-off grill insert was designed and fabricated by Dan Baker of Alumicraft.  The grill shell is finished entirely along the backside and bottom.  The grill is designed and fabricated to look as though it floats.  There are no supports visible from the grill shell to the body.  A one-off radiator shroud has been fabricated.  There is a cover over the radiator and the radiator is not visible from outside the car.   The show chromed cooling fan mounts to the front of the radiator.Custom shrouds have been fabricated over the radiator.  One-off machined head light cans by Greening Auto Company.  One-off headlight mechanisms in the hourglass shape & CNC’d by Knutson Engineering.  One-off hood extends from the grill shell to the windshield.  One-off smooth firewall.  One-off fabricated cowl cover.  One-off windshield frame.  Windshield is a one-off curved piece cut down from a ’69 Camaro windshield.  One-off pillar side pieces. Windshield is countersunk into the cowl.  Windshield trim is countersunk providing a newer model look. Windshield is laid back 45 degrees.  One-off 6” plate center door hinges.  Wiring runs through the hinge arm.  Cover has been fabricated for the back side of the arm, which covers the door jam so that  one cannot see behind the door jam.  One-off doors resemble 1933 model Ford.  The doors open to a 45 degree angle and open level as opposed to dipping down.  Trunk is extended 12” to the bottom body reveal.  One-off trunk jams were fabricated.  Rounded edges along the side of the trunk.  Trunk floor lowered in back by 2 inches.  One-off bottom trunk flange.  One-off trunk hinges. Hinges operate by hidden actuator.  One-off  rear tail lights by Knutson EngineeringOne-off LED lenses by Greening Auto Company.  Side reveal moldings have been removed from the body.  One-off running board trim hand formed and plated.  Redesigned top and side body reveals and beltlines.  Smoothed one-off hood and is mounted with a one-off CNC’d hinge and raises and lowers by an actuator.  Extended handmade running boards by 8” and widened by 2”.  A theme of 3 accent bars is incorporated throughout the car by utilizing such theme on the trunk lid, oil pan, fuel rail, rear end pumpkin, being mirrored top and bottom on the running boards and several other places in and on the car.  Rear roll pan is a one-off creation, with a rolled center in the middle and a 1 ½” drop.  One-off exhaust trumpets have been CNC’d by Greening Auto Company and incorporate a backup, full color, auto reversing camera below the hourglass exhaust trumpets.  The hand-made oval exhaust is all one-off from front to back.  Every curve has been welded and smoothed since there are no pipe benders for oval pipe.  Exhaust is all chromed and a cross-over pipe has been added to enhance the tone of the 392 cubic inch Hemi power plant. Exhaust follows the frame to the back of the car. Exhaust disappears into the body.  Exhaust exits the roll pan via hourglass exhaust trumpets.  Mufflers have been designed and incorporated inside the exhaust system to avoid the  bulbous look created by bolt on mufflers.  One-off machined exhaust flanges.  One-off machined oval attachments from header to exhaust.  There is a circle fabricated in the body where the exhaust disappears and the exhausts are siamesed together as they exit the car.  One-off door magnets have been designed by a company that supplies industrial magnets for the General Motors Assembly plant.  These magnets incorporate 385 pounds of holding power and were designed specifically for this car.  There are one-off controllers and one-off wiring harnesses for these magnets.  2 of these magnets are used for the driver & passenger doors.  The magnets were designed so that the door jams would have no seams and no protrusions.  In the interior of the car there is a channel fabricated in the floor to hold brake lines, gas lines, wire, data cables, and all of these have dividers.  One-off gas tank by Tanks. Inc. positioned over the axle in a custom box with ventilation.  One-off dash. One-off under dash panel, flows with interior. One-off middle console, flows from dash to rear of the passenger compartment.  One-off lighted and color coordinated switches by Watsons StreetWorks.  Dash to flow into doors.  Inner door design flows into the rear of the passenger compartment.  One-off gauges and computer controller created by Priio.   This Gauge and Control System utilizes computer technology to operate every function of this car.  The gauge cluster is touch screen and with a single touch either illuminates the gauge package, the rear view capabilities, the GPS controls, the audio system, and  the vehicle locator system.  One-off seats by Pro Auto Custom Interiors of Knoxville, Tennessee that flow from the  top of the  passenger compartment toward the dash.  One-off creatively designed trunk motif to accent the “TIMELESS” theme of the car. One-off steering drop.  One-off steering column by ididit.  Pedals drop through the cover under the dash.  One-off shifter by Howe Industries.  One-off speaker pods.  One-off accent finishes and logos for “TIMELESS” by Howe Industries.  All Kicker car audio incorporating a 4 channel amp.6 ½” front speakers.8” subwoofer in custom box in console.  Fully remote controlled stereo system. CompuStar Computer Controlled Recovery and Theft System.   

ENGINE:   1957 Chrysler 300 C392 Cubic Inch Hemi with New Generation Prototype Hilborn Fuel Injection Bored .040 to 401 Cubic Inch 10.5 to 1 Compression 500 Horsepower Block is hand smoothed by Extreme Performance Motorsports.Chrome Heads by Advanced Plating. Performance Valve Job. Magnifluxed Internal Rotating Assembly. Blueprinted Engine by Extreme Performance Motorsports.  Balanced to 1.0 Grams.  Forged Steel Crank.  Shot Peened Connecting Rods.  Isky Hydraulic Racing Cam, 232 Duration at .050 Inches with .484 Lift.  Double Roller Timing Chain. Stefs Oil Pan and Pickup.  High Volume Melling Oil Pump.  Federal Mogul Performance Pistons. Hastings File Fit Rings.  Clevite 77 H-Series Main Journal/Connecting Rod Bearings.  Fel Pro Gaskets.  ARP Equipped Main and Rod Fasteners.  Mezier Electric Water Pump.  BHJ Balancer. Hilborn Next Generation Prototype Fuel Injection.  Custom Fuel Log with Concealed Harness and Water block off Plates by  Knutson Engineering.  Bosch Fuel Injectors.  Fast Fuel Injection Electronics.  One-Off Machined Hourglass Injection Stacks by Jesse Greening, Greening Auto Co.Chrome Valve Covers by Advanced Plating.  Custom 0-ring to head seal.  Machined and Recessed Valve Cover Gaskets w/Custom Fasteners by  Knutson Engineering.  MSD Pro Billet Distributor.  PowerMaster Mini Starter.  PowerMaster Alternator.  Chrome Intake Horns by Advanced Plating.  Moon Engine Breathers.  Hot Heads Water Crossover, Valley Cover and Timing Cover.  One-Off Spark Plug Looms – Knutson Engineering.  One-Off Billet Spark Plug Boots and wire looms – Knutson Engineering.  Taylor Spark Plug Wires.  Smoothed Block Hugger Headers.


PLATING:   Steve and Sheri Tracy of Advanced Plating, Inc. (615 313-7147) developed a new Plating system which is debuted on this car.  This new process compliments the Advanced Plating chrome which is known throughout the automotive industry as the best plating on the planet.    Steve radiused each and every piece and part on this car to enhance the flow of the car, and then proceeded to buff, copper plate, nickel plate, and chrome each of the 3,252 parts and pieces. When viewing this car, please notice the quality of the plating work, which is defined by its luster, smoothness, depth, and whiteness, which is unparalleled in the industry.  The plating on these pieces incorporated in this car truly showcases the creativity and quality that can be attained and showcases the capabilities of Advanced Plating. 

INTERIOR:   Steve Holcomb of Pro Auto Interiors of Knoxville, Tennessee is proud to work on this ’32 Ford Roadster.  The sleek, Montana Mint green body is complemented by the elegantly designed interior.  Beautiful custom one-piece seats and three dimensional door panels are made from the finest top-grade, color-dyed leather to achieve the perfect harmony with the Timeless flow of the ’32 Roadster.  The interior, seats, cockpit and trunk area are all backlit with 10 color coordinated green led lights and accent material inserts to complement the overall theme.  The floor is molded with Daytona Weave carpet and custom made accessory oval and chrome pieces are incorporated into the interior, together with the one-off Timeless Logos created by Bob’s Rod Shop.  The dimensional concept design of the interior is extended into the one-piece trunk bolster in the trunk for a complete finish of this car from front to rear.     

PAINT:  “Montana Mint” is the specific color formulated for this car by the paint masters at DuPont Hot Hues. The finish has been described as so slick and so brilliant that it defies the eyes. The color is a true compliment to all the detail and creativity so beautifully complimented in "TIMELESS.”

OVERALL IMPRESSION:   Every part of this car is done to an equal degree of perfection.  Most custom cars will have either a strong engine, a strong chassis, a strong interior or a strong fit and finish.  Seldom will you find a car that exemplifies all of these areas and we have achieved that goal with this car. Every aspect of “TIMELESS” is complimentary to the other areas and there are absolutely no weak portions.  One judge summed it up best when asked what he liked best, and he replied ‘nothing’, I like ‘everything’.  This car is unquestionably the total package. Many have complimented that this is the finest and most technological roadster ever created. IT IS TRULY AUTOMOTIVE ART.